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Short: Fire in Portugal

When I was in Lisbon (Portugal) in summer 2022, I had to drive about an hour north for a small assignment. I knew the area was suffering from wildfires every summer. Along the way I noticed some areas were burnt but no major fires ... until I was on the way back.

There was a fire visible from the road, firefighting airplanes were in the air but traffic was more or less normal.

I could see that this was a pretty heavy fire although it was not spread over a large area. Driving trough the smoke was weird to say the least, I really had to concentrate on the road so I couldn't take any photos of the experience.

Sometime later I went to see the laid up ship Funchal in the outskirts of Lisbon and I immediately noticed the smoke of the fire was coming over that area as well, changing the color of the sky.

The air was smelling very burnt and the feeling was surreal, people were acting normal but the general feeling was like that of a war zone or major disaster area.

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