I am Jochen Gielen, a travelling photographer, born in Belgium in 1982 and travelling the world as much as possible, from February 2014 to April 2015 I lived in Singapore and by the end of April 2015 I had moved to Cairo in Egypt before moving back to Belgium in November 2015. My photographic interests range from maritime to wildlife, architecture, landscapes and much more and I try to touch all types of photography on my travels around the world. I work in Aviation Security both as an Area Chief in the Brussels Airport area and as an Aviation Security Instructor all over Belgium, but besides this full-time job I 'm a freelance photographer, available for all sorts of projects worldwide.

My photographic portfolio consists of all types of photography but mostly travel, maritime, aviation and wildlife.

The photos can be found in the albums, furthermore there is a blog where you can read about my travel experiences and also find tips & tricks for your own travel adventures.

In the equipment section you will find the type of equipment I use today and used in the past, I will also share some tips on how to get the best out of your equipment and how to treat it so it doesn't break down.

Last but not least you can find projects that I have worked on or that I was involved in, client stories and interesting articles about history and special places. You will also find links to the pages of some of my friends that might interest you!

ENJOY the site and feel free to leave a message in the contact page!