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Short: Brussels Airlines Rackham!

Brussels Airlines has a few iconic airplanes in its fleet, one of them is Rackham, painted in the Tintin theme. Registration OO-SNB.

I had the chance to fly on it from Brussels (BRU) to Lisbon in July-August 2022. Basically the flight is just the same as any other flight, except that the interior is also decorated with scenes from Tintin.

When you book a flight, usually you don't know for certain what airplane exactly you will actually get, so this was a surprise for me as well.

The overhead bins are all decorated with Tintin scenes.

I ordered some food onboard as this was an early flight and I had a busy time at work so I didn't prepare properly for this trip.

Near the end of the flight I had a fantastic view on Lisbon. For some reason I didn't bother to take good photos with one of my cameras so all the shots were made with my iPhone7.

I did however manage to take a decent shot using the iPhone panorama setting when I left the plane at Lisbon airport (LIS).

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