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Short: A few hours in Zeeland

In December 2023, I needed to pass by Zeeland tp drop off some dog carriers that needed to fly back to Egypt (part of the Animal Rescue project I am part of) ... so I decided to go and make the best of the day in Zeeland.

Together with Onno and Vadym of Onnozone, we decided that due to grey unpredictable weather, we would go visit the muZEEum in Vlissingen, see link here.

The view from the roof of the muZEEum shows the town and old defensive works with the lighthouse replica and even the crane of the former shipyard Scheldewerf that you can visit.

We were lucky enough to have some slightly better weather when we left the museum so decided to do another quick stop at Westkapelle, although this town is pretty sleepy on a cold December day and we only went for a short walk and some photography before going back home.


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