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Saga cruises - The current ships

2023 had started and my head was full with my housing project, so not much room for big trips this year. However ... small trips are fine as long as they don't get over budget!

First ship chase of the year with Onno, Vadym and Ernst.

Saga cruises has always taken over second-hand ships from others, but after getting rid of all their older tonnage, they finally ordered 2 brand new sister ships, the Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure.

I had already photographed Spirit of Discovery in 2019 off Guernsey when I was onboard Oriana, see here:

And more recently in 2022 in the UK, I photographed Spirit of Adventure sailing out of Southampton on the Solent.

This time we went to see the Spirit of Adventure when she was docked in Antwerp at the new cruise terminal, we then followed her at various positions on the Eastern side of the river Schelde until she sailed out to sea. See the results below:

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