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Air travel

Flying ... in modern times, the passenger jet is the fastest way to get from point A to point B anywhere on the planet, but what does it mean to fly to your destination? I always look at the advantages and the problems with any type of transport whenever I travel, but also at the destination itself. Whenever you need to cover a long distance, the most logical way is to fly there, but of course, when you arrive at your destination there are only 2 options. Either you rely on local public transport or taxi, or you rent a car ... this is probably the major downside of air travel.

So what is the first thing on your mind when you browse around to find the best flight ticket? Destination! ... is it more than 1000 km? Then flying is probably the best form of transport. Then the next question comes up ... what airport will you depart from and what airport will you fly to, direct flights or transfer somewhere else? What airline? All these questions can be answered only by the person that actually needs the flight, and personally I 'm a bit of an aviation fan as well so I 'll try to find the best price and most interesting route out there.

These days you better prepare a bit for any flight ... after Covid, there are still some rules for passengers arriving in any country by air, so check out the rules of your destination before you board. Secondly there are some other inconveniences to consider, namely the meals! ... don't expect any decent meals on short flights! All major airlines have scrapped the free meals on their short haul flights these days to reduce cost, unfortunately they don't see that this lowers the service and reduces their profits as most people now buy cheap meals at home to take on their flights, so forget about the overpriced meals on short flights! On long flights there are still some decent meals included in the ticket ... and that's where choosing your airline becomes important! For any long flight it's usually best to stick with the national carriers like KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and many others, the low-cost carriers will still offer something but the service will be way below that of the national carriers.

Choosing your airport is also a challenge, I always check out multiple airports within reach but usually will try to go for Brussels Airport (...yes I do have advantages as I work in the aviation industry in and around Brussels Airport and some other airports in Belgium...) because of the location.

All in all, travel by air is convenient to cover long distances, however I can't help but notice that the glamour and excitement of air travel has long been gone ... and that's something I miss in the modern aviation industry!

Meanwhile ... enjoy some photos below.

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