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AIDAaura last visit to Antwerp

Aida Cruises is a well known brand on the European market, more specifically the German market, I will not explain the complete history and fleet of this company but I have photographed a number of their ships in the past and will continue to see them in the future.

So the short short version is ... the company called "VEB Deutsche Seereederei Rostock (DSR)" eventually had become the cruise operator called "Arkona Touristik" and in 2000 changed its name to Aida Cruises. The company now has a decent fleet of medium and large size ships all built specifically for them. Some of the older ships are now slowly being sold off and the 2002 built AIDAaura is the latest one to be sold. She visited Antwerp on 19 September 2023 for the last time before ending her last cruise in Bremerhaven two days later. Her sister AIDAvita had already been sold and both ships are now waiting to see what's going to happen with them.

A few years ago I photographed AIDAvita coming into Antwerp as seen below.

For the last departure from Antwerp of the AIDAaura, I set up my camera near the cruise terminal to see her off and although it was getting very dark and the weather wasn't great, I managed to get some decent photos of her as you can see here.

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